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It's Tuesday, June 1st, 2021!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023



And the Reviews are nice, so far...

"An engagingly written account ranging through the past to the present, from America to France, and filled with discovery, loss, and love stories. Full of humor, this is a window into personal experience, change, and how traveling the world, both internal and external, becomes the fulfillment of a dream"

_______Jeffrey Eaton-Author of "A Fruitful Harvest: Essays After Bion"

"What could be more exciting than to have written such a book, to have lived and to be living such a life?"

_______Warren Poland-Author of "Intimacy and Separateness in Psychoanalysis"

"Judith Mitrani has composed a symphony of memories, composed of different melodies and evoking many moods, but always returning to her main theme of a beautiful place. For Judith, that place is not just Paris but a state of mind. For readers, it may bring to mind their own special place where objects, people, and events conjure memories of discovery, loss, love and all things that make for an eventful life."

_______Howard Lovy, literary editor

"This memoir is often witty, sometimes poignant, and always unique. The title of the book is not just a caption on a picture postcard; neither is it a travelogue nor a vehicle for armchair explorations. Rather, it is a lifesaving gesture populated by countless characters set in many cities in the world."

_______JoAnn Culbert-Koehn, author, President C.G. Jung Institute, LA

"This is the fascinating story about a brilliant young woman who, caught in a dead-end marriage, took control of her destiny and became a world-renowned psychoanalyst. Her colorful descriptions of destinations around the world have resulted in my adding a number of them to my bucket list."

_______Virginia Detterman, Retired Physicist

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