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"An engagingly written account ranging through the past to the present, from the US to France, and filled with discovery, loss and love stories. Full of humor, this is a window into personal experience, change, and how travelling the world becomes the fulfilment of a dream"

Jeffrey Eaton-Author, "A Fruitful Harvest: Essays After Bion"

"What could be more exciting than to have written such a book, to have lived and to be living such a life?"

Warren Poland, Author, "Intimacy and Separateness in Psychoanalysis"

"Judith Mitrani has composed a symphony of memories, composed of different melodies and evoking many moods, but always returning to her main theme of a beautiful place. For Judith, that place is not just Paris. For readers, it may bring to mind their own special place where objects, people, and events conjure memories of discovery, loss, love and all things that make for an eventful life."

Howard Lovy, literary editor

"This memoir is often witty, sometimes poignant, and always unique. The title of the book is not just a caption on a picture postcard; neither is it a travelogue nor a vehicle for armchair explorations. Rather, it is a lifesaving gesture populated by countless characters set in many cities in the world."

JoAnn Culbert-author, officer C.G. Jung Institute, LA

"This is the fascinating story about a brilliant young woman who, caught in a dead-end marriage, took control of her destiny and became a world-renowned psychoanalyst. Her colorful descriptions of destinations around the world have resulted in my adding a number of them to my bucket list."

Virginia in California, Retired Nuclear Physicist

Interesting and very well written. I'm only a few chapters into this book and I have found it to be very interesting and well written. The author has captured both the spirit and the beauty of Paris as I remember it from several visits. I look forward to the next vignettes. Now that I have finished the book - my initial comments simply do not do it justice. Judith has the unique ability to create striking visual images with combinations of words. What better place to apply that talent than Paris.

Douglas Thorpe, Los Angeles

 What a life! Judith Mitrani shows what you can do with talent, luck, perseverance, skills, knowledge, love, and a sense of adventure. Where else could it lead but Paris, being shown about by a Marquis, and living in Yves St. Laurent’s muse’s apartment in the 1st arrondissement near Place Vendome then in her own apartment near La Madeleine? If you could choose to live the life you want, this would be high on your list. Read it and enjoy. Brava!

Mark Greenside, Author, “I’ll Never Be French (No Matter How Much I Try)”

Beyond the couch!

I have binged this book over two days and was left with a taste for "more". More of Paris, more of Judith and Ted, more of people, places, trials, and tribulations, all so masterfully introduced by the writer. For a psychoanalyst raised in a tradition of personal anonymity, the author's honest and brave self-disclosure is indeed remarkable and a valued gift to the reader. Remarkable book, highly recommended.

Edith M., USA

A Remarkable Journey

Judith Mitrani’s memoir beckons the reader onward, page after page, using her and her husband’s Theodore Mitrani’s immigration to Paris in retirement as the scaffolding for the narrative. Judith intermingles and weaves together recent and past memories to reveal how she became the pre-eminent psychoanalyst she is, but even more, how she achieved her hard-won buoyant state of mind. This book is difficult to put down, not only because of Judith’s story, but also for the pleasure of her writing style, which is as graceful as the city of Paris itself.

Gloria Levin, June 27, 2021

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