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At Home and In Paris

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

A Lovely Day ...

Oh, did I mention that we're well into the second Year of Covid-19 uncertainty, with 14.5 million shots delivered in the whole of France and I’m quite certain that there are many months to go until it’s our turn.

It seemed that our age group falls right in the middle between the over 75’s, who were still in line for the vaccine when the supply line for Pfizer opened again in late March, and those 40 to 55 who qualify for the Astra-Zeneca. Ooopps, at first not recommended for older people and now pulled to the side altogether due to concerns for safety. At the rate the EU had been going, with its incredibly slow and complicated roll-out, we thought that we’d have to be content to be inoculated sometime by the end of Spring.

But in the meantime, there were lovely days, chilly but sunny, when we walked to the Jardin de Tuileries and sat in the sun watching the fountains full of ducks, the progress of the renovation of the gardens on either side of the grand promenade and the multi-annual re-planting of the flower gardens.

We’re not given to taking selfies, but we had to document these odd times, which we will hopefully have the opportunity to forget one day. But I can’t help wonder who the wise-guy was that said, “One day all life on earth will give way to the virus, the last remaining species.”

I have a theory based on absolutely fake science, more likely science fiction. In my squirrelly imagination, Mother nature has been watching over Earth and finally realized that the only real threat to life on the planet is mankind. So, she sent a new thorny virus to thin out our population, leaving the air nearly free of pollutants, and the wildlife, trees and flowers flourishing everywhere. Surely, it seemed a possibility when we visited the Bois de Vincennes in the South East of Paris and met up with some wonderful friends in the great outdoors, teaming with wild Canadian Ducks and their tiny ducklings and peacocks and peahens, all enjoying the wide open spaces free of most of the human intruders on the two island i the middle of the lake in the park.

Now back home, oh how I wish to fly away through the window!

Luckily, the vaccines have finally arrived in large quantities and we are fortunate enough to get the joyous jab, along with a needed measure of hope for the future in April.

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