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At Home and In Paris

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Two Great Revolutions Celebrated in July...

When we lived in Los Angeles, one of our favorite holidays was dedicated to the American Revolution of 1776.We celebrated the Fourth of July with a BBQ Party in the back garden for 40-50 friends and relatives. Ted loved decorating everything to the hilt and I enjoyed preparing my special herb-encrusted salmon, and dry-rub chicken, BBQ baby-back pork ribs, beef tenderloin and a hot tub of corn on the cob. Each of our guests brought a salad or dessert and a bottle of their favorite red wine, and we had an aluminum tub filled with ice for the sparkling water, white wine, and beer. All came early and stayed late, and we will never forget those good times celebrating at home.

We miss those good years in the the place of my birth, but it’s clear there’s no comparing July 4th and July 14th! I must say that the Broadway musical “Hamilton" helped give me an enjoyable refresher course in American and French Revolutionary history, and afforded me a previously unthought of link between the two Republics, the home of my birth and the most wonderful retirement home I could ever have imagined here in Paris

In Paris, we live within a ten minute walk from the famous Place de la Concorde where the grandstand is set up for the President and all manner of foreign dignitaries. As we watch the oldest annual military parade collecting at the Arch de Triumph and begin its march up the Avenue Champs Elysee, where men on horseback can be heard through our windows as they part in front of the honored government officials and guests, and the fighter jets can be heard as they fly overheard not far from us, we are thrilled to have the best seat in the house, on the reclining couch in our study.

In the evening we resume our viewing of the fabulous concert staged in front of the Tour Eiffel and we delight in the hour-long light show and fireworks exploding from its pinnacle. We miss the spectacular parade and the fireworks at Disneyland in Los Angeles.

But we have found ways to adapt here in this beautiful country

Bonne Fête !

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