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At Home and In Paris

Updated: Dec 17, 2022


Today I decided...

Hello to all out there and interested (I hope),

Yesterday,I sent my memoir and novel off to the publisher, both written since the March 2020 confinement. With the pandemic entering its second year of my “life interrupted“, I have decided to launch this blog, or whatever you call it, because after all, the fact that you and I are alive is not insignificant.

As I near my 72nd birthday this month, I am discovering that there is much to enjoy in life here in Paris, even without cafes and concert halls. The best part of my life here is that I am with my husband Ted, or Theo as the French prefer to call him, and of course the delight of both of our lives, our furry buddy and comrade Mickey! Mickey is the only one in the family who is French by birth, a Norman, adopted before Covid-19.

This Year we will commemorate our 5th-year of life in Paris by applying for the coveted 10-year Carte de Residence. So it’s clear that there is always something to celebrate even in a time of catastrophe🦠

I am also a celebrating my fifth year denying that I was ever a native Los Angelina. And after all those years of insisting that we could take advantage of the wonderful nearness of things which we frequent in our ‘hood’ and that allows us to walk and grow healthier, to use the miraculous metro for speed, the beautiful buses with big windows that offer an endless sense of being a tourist, and an Uber only when fashionable shoes are required, this Spring we take delivery on our first French car, a Lexus❣️ Poof goes another myth about Paris; There is indeed parking here, and plenty of it.

As Oscar Wilde once wrote, “When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” But I have found that you don’t have to die to arrive here. You can live here, too!

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